Dog Obedience Classes

Wellington obedience classes – Basic dog obedience for puppy’s and dogs!  

Our Wellington obedience classes provide a great environment for your dog to learn basic commands and good manners on the lead and at home. We run classes at Karori, Porirua and Lower Hutt.

The classes cater for puppies who are fully vaccinated right through to adult dog of any breed and age.  Our venues are indoors so training takes place regardless of the weather and our obedience classes are available all year round.

We encourage the whole family to get involved with the training and we make it FUN with tricks and socialisation.

We are approved trainers for the Wellington City Council for your responsible dog ownership. Our quality training program is also recognised by Councils and Vets throughout the Wellington region.

You will be thrilled at how quickly your dog advances during this 4 week course and by the end, you can expect a well mannered dog on the lead and at home.


This class covers:

Sit and stay
Come and sit
Lead walking
Food and nutrition
Meeting people and dogs
Pack rules
Introduce the safety stop
Problem solving

Package Deals

All training courses and packages MUST be paid upon booking and are non refundable.  All services within the package deals MUST be used within 6 months of purchase.

See below for your closest location and class date

Basic Obedience Course


  • 4 Week Course
  • 40 Minute Sessions

Good Dog


  • 1x Basic Obedience Course
  • 1x Off Lead Course
  • 1x Daycare – Play & Train

Happy Dog


  • 1x Basic Obedience Course
  • 1x Home Visit (1 hour)
  • 1x Daycare Play & Train

Smart Dog


  • 1x Basic Obedience Course
  • 1x Home Visit – 1 Hour
  • 1x Off Lead Course

Dog Obedience: Class Location & Dates

  • Held at: Porirua East School, Martin Street, Porirua
  • Next course starts: Wednesday – 12th June – 6.45pm
  • Held at: Canine Solutions Complex, 63 Port Rd, Seaview
  • Next course starts:  Thursday – 13th June – 6.45pm
  • Held at: Canine Solutions Complex, 63 Port Rd, Seaview
  • Next course starts: Saturday – 15th June – 12.30pm
  • Held at: Karori West Normal School, Allington Rd, Karori
  • Next course starts:  Saturday – 15th June – 4.00pm

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