About Jo

Over the last 21 years, Jo Goddard, principal trainer and owner of Canine Solutions has developed her own comprehensive training program to promote her philosophy of having ‘a calm obedient dog’. She is also an approved court expert witness on canine behavior.

Jo has worked extensively with packs of dogs, researching the dog’s natural communication signals and the importance of pack hierarchy. She has a comprehensive understanding of the protocols within the pack and the implications if there is confusion within the pack.

Now Jo works with up to 90 dogs a day at our Canine Complex and is now teaching others how to understand pack dynamics and pack protocol, or in human words, how to interpret the ‘silent language’ of the dog. It’s simply amazing to watch!

Jo has a natural ability for reading dogs and communicating in a way they understand. By working in a natural way using her knowledge of the canine pack heirarchy, people are simply amazed at the difference in the way their dog behaves after just one training session.

Through Jo’s philosophy of gaining control through a harmonious relationship based on respect and trust you too can enjoy having a calm obedient dog.

Jo started training dogs at a young age and was a senior instructor at her local dog obedience club at 18 years old. Her dream was always to work with and train dogs. So with her natural talent and business background, she is now living her dream and is known and well respected, as one of Wellington’s leading dog behaviour specialists.

Jo’s Canine Complex in Lower Hutt, Wellington offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure all dog owners in Wellington have the opportunity to get the best quality of service for all their dogs needs, including training, socialization, basic grooming and nutrition. Jo believes ‘a well cared for dog, is a happy dog’ and encourages people to call us for the best in all things dog!

Jo takes pride in her work and has worked tirelessly over the last 21 years to build her reputation and Canine Solutions to the success it is today. Unfortunately some people have taken advantage of this along the way. Therefore please be aware that we do not endorse any training methods used by any ex-employee or business associate as it will not be a true reflection of Canine Solutions training techniques, philosophies and intuition.

If you want the best quality service for your dog then Canine Solutions welcomes you.

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