Where dogs come to socialise and have fun!

Our exercise area is CLOSED INDEFINITELY!

Our popular fully enclosed indoor exercise area is open to the public on Saturdays between 10am and 12pm.   Our Saturday team Jo, Scott and Hope help supervise the event and chat with the owners.

The cost is only $5 per dog and you do not need to book, just turn up.  We will require a copy of your dogs current vaccination certificate on the first day of attendance – NO EXCEPTIONS!

This is Wellington regions very first private exercise area and we are PROUD of it.  We recognised a few years ago that there is no safe place for dogs to run free in a fully enclosed area and where there is minimal risk of injury or fights.  Having an experienced handler in the area monitoring the dogs gives owners peace of mind that it is a controlled but still a FUN environment for the dogs to play.

It is becoming very popular and we have lots of people and dogs turning up each week to enjoy this new Wellington initiative.

Please ‘like’ our Canine Solutions facebook page to keep check of any cancellations or keep an eye out on this page for updates.

Just some rules;

**To protect our complex from the risk of kennel cough, dogs who have recently attended boarding kennels or another daycare MUST have a 10 day stand down from the date of last attendance before returning to our exercise area.

**If you leave your dog with us and leave the premises you will need to pay $30 for a half day of daycare or $45 for a full day if picking up later in the afternoon.

**If your dog is antisocial this is NOT the right environment for your dog, please book it into our daycare.

**If your dog is entire we will need to assess it in the pack and we reserve the right to ask you to leave if your dog is being disruptive to the rest of the pack.

**Children are not allowed in the yard but can observe from the viewing bay.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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