Wellington’s best holiday destination for dogs!

When your dog comes to Hotel Canine it is treated like a family pet.  They enjoy daycare all day, playing with the pack and continuously supervised by our Canine Solutions qualified handlers.

At night they sleep in our luxury Hotel room in crates with their other canine friends.

With fine cuisine of Hill’s Science Diet, and Possyum fed twice daily this satisfies even the most fussiest of eaters.   If your dog prefer’s to eat its regular diet we are happy for you to supply their food.

We supply the bedding and entertainment so please don’t pack anything for your dog when it comes to Hotel Canine.

Our Hotel is exclusive to dogs currently attending our daycare or classes with limited spaces available.  

We do however open our Hotel over the school holidays and festive season for dogs who are not current clients with limited spaces available.

Your dog MUST be fully vaccinated and registered with your local Council.  We will also require a copy of your dogs vaccination certificate, Vet details and an emergency contact upon first registration.

Please note if your dog has attended another daycare or has been at kennels recently there is an automatic 10 day stand down period before staying at our Hotel. This minimises the risk to our facility of kennel cough contamination.

We charge $60.00 per day and $75.00 for public holidays.  

Check in times;

Monday to Friday             10am – 1pm

Saturday & Sunday          10am or 4pm


Check out times;

Monday to Friday                 10am – 11am or 1pm – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday              10am – 11am or 4pm to 5pm

 Please note if check out is after 11am an additional day will be incurred.  We also charge $10.00 each way for pickup/drop off in our K9 Taxi (weekdays only).

Payment MUST be made on check out – No exceptions. 

Drop off and pick up is at our Canine Complex at 63 Port Rd, Seaview, Lower Hutt – the big orange building in Seaview.


To book please contact 977 1110 or email bookings@caninesolutions.co.nz


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